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No more set-backs when collecting money from players to pay for the Reservation !!!, Now as soon as the Player Confirms, He/She can Pay through Our APP ... No more searching for the player who left without paying!.



whether you call iT soccer or football, we love this game. we think you and your friends too.


Established in 2016, SOCCER CONNECTION is a complete mobile soccer app for  all football lovers who want to know the soccer fields where there are schedules available and where to find other players or teams ready to play in your town . .


Our  complete mobile application for android and apple will help you book the best soccer  fields at the best prices with just one click. and that's not all ... the application is connected directly with soccer fields



Pay your Reservation from your mobile -  $$$$

Managers and owners will have a control module from which to control in addition to reserves, inventories, sales by cashier, Purchases and in general all control reports to have the total information of your business, a comprehensive solution.


#1 Mobile App to Connect Players and Soccer Fields Places in your City

For owners and managers of soccer fields, now has integral software for the management of their reserves and payments, cashiers and servers will bill from their phones and tablets directly to the players' phone numbers. and players can also pay for the drinks and meals consumed from their phone.

For Soccer Fields